Hollywood’s Eric Schiffer to Bollywood?

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Hollywood’s A-list socialite, successful entrepreneur, movie-star and best-selling author Eric Schiffer, next to being productive in California, has shown interest in India’s Bollywood. Schiffer, who some compare with successful Global entrepreneurs such as Virgin’s Richard Branson, thinks about producing in India’s movie industry. Eric has directed several Film shorts and previously starred in Boys Club, Gentlemen’s Club and in the horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. In April 2008, the filming for his new movie Death Wish Returns will start in Scotland.

Eric Schiffer has written the best-selling business book “Emotionally Charged learning”, where he introduces a controversial management theory and explores how making good use of education and human emotions can create successful professionals and flourishing organizations.

A Schiffer-Bollywood combination could be very fruitful, considering Bollywood’s super star status and likewise opportunities and Schiffer’s Global ubiquitiy in his own right. More than Schiffer’s co-Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton, who every now and then lets us know that she would love to play in a Bollywood movie, putting together Schiffer’s and Bollywood’s combined star status will be synergetic!


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