Priyanka Chopra suffers a muscle tear

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Priyanka Chopra tore a muscle while filming a stunt for her action-packed role in ‘Drona’. “I was doing a somersault when I felt something give way inside my rib cage. I’ve apparently suffered a tear in my abs,” the actress said.

However, the gal is too dedicated to rest and let her work suffer. Her schedule next week has dance scenes and more stunts for the film.“It’s so painful. I’ve no choice but to continue. I don’t know how I’ll manage,” says Chopra.

The movie ‘Drona’ has Priyanka playing a bodyguard skilled in an ancient Sikh martial art, wielding a sword and a kirpan . Abhishek Bachchan plays a superhero, and Kay Kay Menon is the villain.

priyanka chopra drona

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