Sanjay Dutt gets a breath of fresh air

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Sanjay Dutt took an interim breath of fresh air on Monday 20th August after being sentenced to six years imprisonment on July 31. Supreme Court released Dutt on Bail on the ground that the Mumbai court that convicted him had not yet provided him with a copy of his sentence, said his lawyer, Surender Singh. Five other people convicted in the same case were also granted bail on the same technicality.

However, this star will have to return to the dark wall of the prison as soon as they are given the copy of the sentence.

Dutt was convicted in November and sentenced on July 31 to six years in prison for illegally possessing three automatic rifles and a pistol. Dutt’s case was part of the sprawling Mumbai bombings trial, which dragged on for 12 years and saw more than 100 people convicted, 686 witnesses and 13,000 pages of testimony.

Sanjay has appealed to Supreme Court and the industry is still awaiting the fate of his three unfinished films which have a bleak future with the fate of the actor still undecided.
sanjay dutt out of jail on bail

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