Salman Khan refuses to forgive Vivek Oberoi

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10th Rajiv Gandhi Awards function proved out to be eventful with the presence of Salman Khan who received an award in the Best Actor Category and Shilpa Shetty who was also present was being honoured with the Best actress award. To add some spice to the event, Vivek Oberoi was also performing at the awards function. Vivek’s performance was the last one before the awards were to be announced and after his performance Vivek grabbed his ears and bowed and mouthed bhai, but Salman just shook his head. Vivek also joined his hands in front of Salman as a sign of asking for his forgiveness. Unfortunately though Vivek’s gesture did not make Salman relent even after some coaxing from Shilpa Shetty. The two actors have a history of not getting along, due to the presence of a Miss World in both their lives then.

salman khan

Vivek oberoi

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