Salman Khan - Prisoner No. 343 at Jodhpur Jail

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Saturday morning was a gloomy one for the actor Salman Khan as he came out of his Bandra home, surrounded by his family, to surrender himself.

“I think as a responsible citizen I should go and surrender in Jodhpur,” said Khan.

He left for the airport with his lawyer Bishnoi and his brother Sohail Khan. At the Jodhpur airport, the police were waiting with its paperwork ready to complete the formalities to arrest the star. The actor, looking impassive behind sunglasses, was taken out of the airport and driven straight to the courthouse. There he presented himself in front the judge and then it was straight to jail where he will have spend quite a few days at the very least as Prisoner Number 343 in a white prison uniform.

salman khan in jail

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