Preity Zinta whistles and cheers for SRK

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Seems veiling is in for celebrities. Mallika Sherawat wore one last year to dodge the media when she was coming out of the airport in Mumbai from a foreign jaunt. Himesh Reshammiyan too very recently ditched his cap for a Burkha to get into Ajmer Sharif Durgah.

Now, it is pretty Preity Zinta who wore it on the Independence Day to slip unnoticed into Bandra cinema hall to whistle and cheer for SRK in ‘Chak De India’.

Preity tells the story, “I could have seen the movie in the safety and comfort of a multiplex, but to gauge the reaction of the audience, I had to sit among the masses. I went along with my mom and cousin, hidden in a burkha, and because nobody could see me, I was at my buoyant best!”

According to the vivacious actress, in her disguise, she was able to scream, whistle and cheer along with the audience for SRK and his team of women hockey players in the movie.

Preity zinta burkha

Preity zinta burkha

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