Aarti Chhabria bags some credit

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Aarti Chhabria, the so called unknown face of Bollywood, has managed to get some credits for the two of her known films that she has done so far. Recently Aarti has bagged some credit for Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Shoot Out at Lokhandwala’ film and also for a Kannada hit film named ‘Santha’ in which she got to play a lead role with the South Indian actor Shiv Raj Kumar. And surprisingly Aarti is getting some good offers now. Aarti tells Delhi Times that “After a very long time, my work has been appreciated, and I now realise how important it is to be presented by the right people, in the right role. I am very lucky to have bagged Shoot out . . . Now, however, I have to be very choosy about what I take up next. There are some interesting offers that have come to me, so let’s see.”
Aarti Chhabria

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