Dia Mirza, SRK and biscuits!!

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That’s what happens to everyone when you are with SRK. That was what happened with Dia Mirza when she shot an advertisement with SRK. While shooting a commercial for a biscuit brand, Dia Mirza was supposed to snatch away a biscuit from her lover’s (SRK) mouth with her teeth.

Poor Dia was so nervous that sometimes, she was unable to bite properly, and sometimes there would be an expression of awkwardness on her face. The director of the commercial, Vishal Punjabi, showed remarkable patience with Dia and even SRK was very co-operative despite the fact that he had to eat many biscuits because of so many retakes.

Finally, Dia got her focus and gave a perfect shot. She got adequately close to SRK and bit the biscuit off his mouth.

dia mirza

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