Koena Mitra stuck up between commitments

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Koena Mitra’s dad, Vishwanath Mitra, has been admitted to Life Care Hospital in Kolkata with a serious kidney ailment. The girl visited him but was unable to spend much time with him due to her shooting commitment for ‘Anamika’. Then she has to go for two shows only after which will she be able to fulfil her family commitment. Though her producers have been co-operative and suggested that she takes off for a few days but Koena does not want to do it at the cost of her work.

“I believe in commitment to my work. They (producers) will incur losses if I go mid-way. Anamika will be almost completed following the dubbing work. It would get unnecessarily delayed even if I waste a single day. No one is forcing me to do anything. They are infact being very understanding,” says Koena.

koena mitra

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