Priyanka Chopra not impressed by the international project

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Bollywood’s hot heroine Priyanka Chopra recently declined to do Ashok Amritraj’s international cross-cultural love story.

A source close to Priyanka revealed, “It was basically a budget issue. Though it was an American production, the budget of Amritraj’s film was half of what we spend for a fairly lavish Bollywood film like Krrish or Drona. Priyanka just didn’t see the point in stretching herself to do this film just because it was an international project.”

Meanwhile her former secretary P. Jaju moved to Supreme Court on Saturday against a Madhya Pradesh High Court order acquitting the actress of charges of criminal intimidation. Jaju said that Priyanka made him her secretary as he was an influential person in Mumbai but sacked him after becoming successful. Also she signed a contract promising him 10 percent of her earnings but later recanted, he claimed.

priyanka chopra not happy

priyanka chopra not hapy

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