Rahul Mahajan and Raima Sen getting a bit too friendly

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It is time for rumour mills to work up again. Rahul Mahajan, son of Pramod Mahajan, seemed very friendly with Raima Sen at the premiere of her Bengali film ‘Anuranan’ held at Inox in Kolkata on July 4. Incidently, both of them came by the same flight from Mumbai. Though both of them did not arrive at the premiere together, they did sit together and were again seen together at the after-party at ITC Sonar Bangla.

Well, Raima had an excuse for this. The gal says, “I hadn’t invited Rahul for my film’s premiere. He is a close firend of Aniruddha ( the director) and came for him, not me. Aniruddha and Rahul are also planning to co-produce films together.”

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