Ruslaan Mumtaz couldn’t kiss

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Ruslaan Mumtaz, a newcomer in the galaxy of Indian stars, Bollywood, feels uncomfortable while doing kissing scenes. While other newcomers try to climb the ladder of success doing such steamy scenes, Ruslaan has a different stand about it.

Ruslaan felt embarrassed when he had to do a kissing sceen in his upcoming film, MP3. Poor young boy did the scene correctly after around 80 retakes. Ruslaan tells Delhi Times that “Well, that’s right. I was aware the script included a kissing scene. So, it wasn’t a surprise for me. In fact, I have to give credit to my co-star Hazel who made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during the shot. I feel that we as actors are just doing our job. So, why make an issue out of it? I feel this scene has been very aesthetically shot with the Eiffel Tower for a backdrop.”

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